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The HA stud farm is based in the Herdade do Azinhal - Portalegre, and is composed entirely of pure Andrade horses, all of whom descend from the original d’Andrade stud farm.

The d’Andrade stud farm was founded in 1894 by Alfredo d’Andrade, but it was his son Dr. Ruy d’Andrade who, in 1901, began to develop a breeding programme aiming to improve what is now known as the Lusitano horse. His son, Eng. Fernando d’Andrade, continued his work and following his death in 1991 the stud was divided between his four children.

The d'Andrade stud farm and its horses have won many of the most important awards attributed to the Lusitano horse over the last century.

Dr. Ruy d’Andrade (1880-1967), son of the renowned architect Alfredo d’Andrade, led a very full and diversified life. He was an author, artist, politician, sportsman, farmer and selective breeder of various animals, namely the Peninsular horse, which is now called the Pure Blood Lusitano and the Pure Spanish Horse. His research is widely documented both in books he published and in books published about his work and life.

He devoted great part of his life to the study of the Archaeology and History of the Iberian Peninsula, its people and in particular its horses. Amongst many other things he was responsible for saving the Alter Real line that was in danger of dying out. He also published the history of the Alter stud farm which was in danger of disappearing.

As a scholar of the History of the Iberian Horse, he tried to ensure that the horses of the stud farm were selected mainly for their movements and functional qualities. He started off the stud farm by acquiring some key stallions and mares and his breeding programme involved some in-breeding with a view to the enhancement of the homogeneity of the breed and of some of their more characteristic traits.

For an excellent summary of his life, see the introduction to the book ”O Cavalo do Sorraia – a historical and genetic heritage to preserve” by Maria do Mar Oom, Edições Cosmo.

After the death of Dr. Ruy d’Andrade, in 1967, his son Engº Fernando Sommer d’Andrade followed in his father’s footsteps with excellent results.

Fernando Sommer d’Andrade was a great aficionado of the Lusitano Horse and helped found the Lusitano stud book. He was also an international horse judge, President of the ‘Associação Portuguesa do Puro Sangue Lusitano’, among other functions.

The Andrade blood line is a genetic heritage that should be preserved and is present in numerous Portuguese stud farms. It is an important factor in horse breeding in Portugal.

Currently, the Fernando d’Andrade stud farm aims to preserve and give continuity to the Andrade horse safeguarding its most appealing qualities: its docile temperament, courage and strength, always ready to work hard and enthusiastically.